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Mr. Cook is a subset of United Cookers and was founded in the year 2016. Already ruling the heart of Indian customers, United launched a customized Kitchenware products string with Mr. Cook. The parent organization of Mr. Cook, United has already become the fastest growing kitchenware company in the country. Centered in Delhi, Mr. Cook is the more improved version of kitchenware products with multiple benefits and is the true heir to ride on the success roller coaster of United Cookers. With the introduction of the very first product, pressure cooker which got aired nearly 6 decades ago, innovation was also unleashed in the market. The company since its foundation day focused primarily on the people and a had a very keen approach. Mr. Cook is the following legacy of continued high-quality products and standard professional services from United. It is therefore undoubtedly claimed that all the products that you buy from Mr. Cook will come with an ISI mark reflecting the quality test standards.

Also, it ensures that every product present on the site is manufactured under very strict quality checks at every stage of production. The norms that state the quality testing of the product only clarifies that all the products are a state of art and carry the sensible feeling of perfection and standardization. Mr. Cook only aims at carrying the legacy of United under which the products were and are produced coated with quality and innovation. The belief of the parent organization lies in understanding the level of the every Indian need and their desires. Impeccable production units, the design from an in-house thought process and centers to run the best Research and Development only help in claiming both, Mr. Cook and United Cookers their title of “pioneer manufacturer” in the entire cookware industry. Establishing a never relation with the customer and making them happy every time they cook food in our products is what that makes us stand out and we always strive to attain it every second.

about mr.cook
about mr.cook
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